Mailing Address: PO Box 1884, Danville, CA 94526

Patricia Armfield
Kathy Arroyo
Carol Ashford
Denise Beggs

Margaret Bender
Barbara Brown
Clair Brugger
Ann Burch
Rosemary Adams Cooper

Suzanne Cox
Marilyn Critch
Mildred Day
Heide Dressler
Lois Esser
Elaine Fazio

We deeply appreciate our charter members for their desire to meet with and learn from fellow quilters enough to form our quilt guild.

It is their foundation on which we currently stand, deeply involved in the art of quilting and enjoying the friendships and education we receive from one another.

Our many thanks to these women with this foresight; our Charter Members.

Our Charter members

Tabitha Richardson

Frances Schweitzer

Mary Helen Schwyn

Margaret Scott

Ethel Selberg

Sue Smart

Sue Smith

Ardith Steger

Caroline Steinmetz

Elizabeth Tobler

Judy Tucker

Georgia Varozza

Kim Vergis

Joan Volberg

Ruth Fogata
Pat Gianotti

Doris Gohl

Debby Horton

Penny Huang

Alice Johns

Virginia Jouris

Annie King

Mary Jane Lagao

Pat Langner

Loralie Lyons

Barbara Matheney

Diana McClun

Charlotte McConkie

Wendy McGrath